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Well here goes, my first toot!!

Firstly, thank you for visiting our new website and for taking the time to read my Blog. I want this blog to be an open platform where great ideas can be shared, about such things as staying in Cornwall, finding hidden treasures to visit, offers, events, health and travel tips, so a kind of bulletin board full of valuable information for the traveller and especially for visitors to Trecarne House.

On the home front there have been a few changes at Trecarne House, starting with our new website. I hope you like it so far. It’s a work in progress and we want it to serve our customers well, so your feedback on how we can improve the site to best serve your needs would be much appreciated. We want to improve your user experience, to help us achieve this we’ve put together a little questionnaire. View Questionnaire I know these sort of things can be a bit of a pain, so to soften the blow and as a way of saying Thank you, we’ll give you a 20 percent discount voucher towards your next stay. Just have a good rummage around and give us your honest feedback.

Proud Day

The team at Trecarne House are so proud of this accolade. Thank you to all our guests for this fantastic award.

This has been awarded as a result of genuine reviews posted by people who have actually stayed at Trecarne House.

Trish’s Top Tip

Currently there is a lot of press about companies buying reviews. To be 100% sure of a genuine review, always check out reviews on online booking agents sites, such as Booking,com. People can only post a review on these sites if they have actually stayed as a paying guest.

Let me know how I fared with my first toot. Too long, too short, was it helpful?!

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